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Returning members are Banff Springs Golf Club members before the end of the 2022 season. These members shall retain this status as long as they maintain active status with the Club each golf season. Exception to this will be for returning members that need to take a break from active status for medical or extenuating personal situations. These cases will be considered on a case by case basis. Members who move away from the Banff Area will be offered Returning Status for two years. Should their absence from the Club be more than the allotted term, they will be subject to dues and green fees as a new member.



NEW MEMBERS MUST SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION WITH THE CLUB AND BE APPROVED BEFORE PURCHASE OF A MEMBERSHIP - https://banffspringsgolfclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/BSGC-Adult-Application-2019.pdf

ADULT MEMBERS $2882.14 + GST = $3026.25

TUNNEL MEMBER EXPERIENCE (formely Tunnel +) $1755.17 + GST = $1842.93

INTERMEDIATE MEMBERS $1441.07 + GST = $1513.12

NEW JUNIOR MEMBER APPLICATION - https://banffspringsgolfclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/junior-membership-2019.pdf

JUNIOR MEMBERS - STANLEY $683.70 + GST = $717.88

JUNIOR MEMBERS - TUNNEL $271.36 + GST = $284.93

15 ROUND PASS - STANLEY $1429 + GST = $1500.45

DUES ONLY - $175



CLUB FEES 2023: $175.00 (INCL. GST)


JUNIOR BREAKDOWN: $175.00 INCLUDES BANQUET FEES, JUNIOR INSTRUCTION, PRIZING AND GOLF CANADA MEMBERSHIP ($1.00 from this fee is for membership in the Banff Springs Golf Club)




Adult Club Storage $178.08 + GST = $186.98 (Limited Availability - first come first serve)

Junior Club Storage $89 + GST = $93.45 (Limited Availability - first come first serve)

Pull Cart Storage $89.04 + GST = $93.49 (Limited Availability - first come first serve) 

Rental Club Pass $371 + GST = $389.55


Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and conditions apply to all membership options:

  • All Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course annual passes and privileges associated with the membership are non-transferable.
  • You agree to release the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course of any liability while on property for bodily injury you may cause to yourself or others throughout the 2023 golf season.
  • All memberships begin on May 1 of a given year and expire on April 30 of the following year.


Booking Policy and Membership Benefits

  • All tee times are based on availability
  • Tee times may be booked using the BSGC APP. The APP is available for download complimentary on google play and the APP store. Alternatively, email bsh.golfreservations.bsh@fairmont.com
  • BSGC Club Members receive 20% discount on regular priced merchandise (excluding hard goods) in the retail shop.
  • BSGC Club Members receive 30% discount at BSH resort food & beverage outlets (including clubhouse, snack bar & beverage cart). Please adhere to the following to receive the discount; (1) Members must present the card in person to be eligible for the appropriate discount at any outlets, (2) You can have up to three additional persons join you for the F&B discount during your dining experience, (3) You are requested to tip on the pre-discount amount.
  • BSGC Round Pass Members will receive digital passes. Please see Pro Shop staff for crediting these passes on the BSGC app
  • BSGC Member-guest privileges apply for up to a foursome assuming the member is playing in the same tee time. Any variance to this must be approved in advance by the Director of Golf. Member guest rates are as follows:
  1. Stanley Thompson (OPEN – June 1: $88.00, June 2 – CLOSE: $162.00, After 2:30PM: $115.00)
  2. Tunnel Mountain (OPEN – June 1: $45.00, June 2 – Sept 30: $56.00, Oct 1 – Close: $45.00)
  • Tee times can be booked 7-days in advance. Only member and pass holders with 7-day booking privileges or member guests can appear on the tee-sheet in these bookings.
  • If booking for multiple people all names must be provided to guarantee the reservation.
  • Individual golf cart use: $17.50 + Tax per 9-holes, $35.00 + Tax per 18-holes (Cost includes your seat in the cart only).


No Shows and Cancellations

  1. First offence will be a verbal warning
  2. Second offence will be a written warning and a financial penalty of $99.00 + G.S.T. to the member. For any member-guests the full member guest rate plus G.S.T. will be charged to the member
  3. Third offence will result in a financial penalty of $99.00 + G.S.T. to the member. For any member-guests the full member guest rate plus G.S.T. will be charged to the member. The primary and/or Secondary member’s privilege(s) will be suspended pending a review
  • Exceptions will only be made for weather, medical or extenuating reasons
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to a tee time via our reservations or Pro Shop team
  • This policy will be strictly enforced


On Course Dress Code

At the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course, we strive to offer a dress code that aligns with our standard for luxury. Our goal is to ensure the comfort and style of all that golf at our course whilst maintaining this standard. While golfing, caddying, or riding along at the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course:

  1. The following items ARE permitted:
  1. Hoodies with logos must be tasteful.
  2. Collared, sleeveless and mock neck golf shirts, as well as golf attire sold at our golf retail establishment.
  3. Soft spiked golf shoes and running shoes only (Shoes must be worn at all times).


2. The following items are NOT permitted:

  1. Denim of any type or colour.
  2. Clothing in a state of disrepair (ie, ripped or torn).
  3. T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, sweat/track pants.

The final decision and interpretation in regards to a golfer's dress code rests with our staff. In order to avoid discrepant dress code, we encourage you to speak with our reservations team prior to arrival for any questions or clarification.


Alcohol and Smoking Policy.

  • The consumption of outside alcohol of any kind is strictly prohibited on Golf Course Property
  • The use of recreational cannabis is prohibited on all areas of the Golf Course Property.
  • Any violations will result in immediate membership review.

Other Items

  • All members are encouraged to read the Member Handbook published annually by the Club Board and found as a link on the Banff Springs Golf Club web page. This document contains useful information all members should make themselves aware of.


Failure to comply with any of the above regulations will result in a disciplinary review and appropriate penalty that may include loss of your pass.



  • Each golfer is entitled to use one seat in the golf cart.
  • Golf Carts are expected to be shared with other people in your scheduled tee time.
  • Posts at the green site indicate the optimal spot for leaving your cart before proceeding to the green.
  • Before leaving the deck with a cart, you must inspect the cart and point out to a Banff Springs staff member any damages on the cart.
  • Days when carts are permitted on the fairways, you must leave the fairway at / or before the cart signs leading up to the green, beyond these signs the cart must remain on the cart path. In the absence of cart signs on certain holes you must leave the fairway 30 yards before the green and return to the cart path
  • Carts are not permitted in the fescue (long rough), on mounds, tee boxes and on or around the greens
  • Carts must remain on cart paths on all par 3’s unless otherwise indicated on course.
  • Carts must not be driven in a negligent or reckless manner.
  • On high volume days there may be times when we run out of golf carts. It is understood that on these days carts may not be available at the start of your round. A cart will be brought to you at the earliest convenience.
  • You can only have 1 additional passenger with you in the cart. That person must be entitled to ride in the cart through possession of a cart pass or purchase of a daily fee usage.
  • Having another golfers bag on the golf cart constitutes an additional passenger in the cart and that person must be entitled to ride in the cart as noted previously
  • As the driver you are responsible for the cart. Any damage to the cart will be billed to you and your cart pass and membership will be suspended until payment is received.
  • You will be responsible for any damages caused to any private vehicles in the parking lot and on any of the roads.
  • At the end of your round carts may be taken to your vehicle to unload equipment and clothing then be taken to the Cart Return station located in the lower parking lot. There, all carts are inspected for damage. Extra care should be taken when driving in the parking lot.
  • The use of a cart is at your own risk, the Fairmont Banff Springs is not responsible for any personal injury that may occur to, driver, passenger or 3rd party.
  • It is your duty to collect all personal items out of the cart at the end of the round; The Fairmont Banff Springs is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items.

Failure to comply with any of the above regulations will result in a disciplinary review and appropriate penalty that may include loss of your cart pass or membership privileges.


* Below prices are subject to a $2.95 on-line convenience fee added at checkout.

Price: $3,026.25
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